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I wanted to do this blog a while ago. As a matter of fact, I wanted to create a blog like this for years, but never got around to it. However, a couple months ago, I decided that I would sit down and start this new venture no matter how little time I have.

A venture of memoirs

This blog is a compilation of memoirs, and sayings from my children Jaden and Marcus; from birth to the day they become too embarrassed to have a blog about them.

While the kids were babies I didn't keep up with their baby books that well. I tried, but for some reason,  it was more work than I imagined. Perhaps it was because I was working two jobs and was preoccupied with other situations. Either way, I'd forget to do the birthdays or first teeth, and before I knew it it was two years later when the first hair cut was recorded.

However, I hope to accomplish more with the blog than I would in a baby book.

Bye, bye baby book. Hello The Middle Toe.

The Middle Toe is a funny name, but it too is something that was said by My Chunk. It is a running blog of memories; both good and bad. Although many of the posts are light hearted, it wouldn't be a real blog if there weren't heavier topics that accompany life.

I do, however, wish to capture moments that make me think how great it is to be their mother.

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